Help End the Political Establishment’s Stranglehold over Public Education

Public Education in the great state of Ohio is nearing a state of crisis. According to the Ohio Department of Education, we spent more on primary and secondary education during the last fiscal year (FY 2017) than at any other time in state history. And what do we have to show for this record spending? Turns out not much, as just a few months ago Ohio was ranked as one of the least educated states in the nation according to a report shared by the Dayton Daily News, which placed our state at No. 35 overall.

Establishment politicians in both major political parties are quick to blame each other for these results, but the truth is that both parties are complicit in this failure. Democrats, having never seen a school levy they didn’t like, continue to push for higher taxes and increased spending, despite the statistics cited above. For the most part, Republicans are little better as, despite their rhetoric, most are all too happy to cede even more power over Public Education to the state and federal government.

This November, in addition to two options backed by the same establishment Republicans and Democrats responsible for our state’s continued downward spiral, it will be my distinct honor to present voters in District 3 (Montgomery, Butler, Preble, and Miami counties, as well as the southern portion of Darke County) with a third option to represent them on the State Board of Education. I invite everyone to check out my website,, to learn more about my campaign. Review my positions on returning control to local school districts and the parents, teachers, administrators, and yes, students, who make them up. Follow the link to my Facebook page, where you can interact with both myself and the people who support my campaign on a variety of education-related topics.

As the only candidate in District 3 with children currently in the Public School system (three sons and a daughter), I promise to be a voice for parents throughout the state who not only want to ensure their tax dollars are being spent wisely, but also want to have a greater say in how and what their children are taught. Likewise, as the only candidate in District 3 without ties to the political establishment in the state of Ohio, I promise not only to work tirelessly to find new and innovative solutions to the problems facing our public schools, but also to do everything in my power to wrest control over our children’s education away from the state and federal government and put it back into the local communities where it belongs.

With your help, we can reverse the trend of failure that has accompanied the political establishment’s stranglehold over Public Education. I humbly ask for the opportunity to earn your support on November 6th.

Thank you,

Matthew D. McGowan

Liberty Township, OH

Candidate, District 3 Representative to the State Board of Education

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